Our Team


Alex P. Begay (Founder / Teacher / Photographer) 

Alex is an all-around artist, originally from Navajo Nation and currently dwelling on the West Coast and in the Four Corners area.  He came to Standing Rock many times over the course of the resistance and brought tons of supples and a vital energy to the front lines. With Sovereign Sounds, Alex hopes to facilitate cultural teachings through the aid of video and audio recordings so that Indigenous people all over the country have a deeper understanding of their stories, customs, and culture.


Alex Simon (Founder / Teacher)

Alex is a composer and producer from California, with Jewish roots.  He moved to Navajo Nation in the summer of 2016, where he did farm work, met many musicians, and set up a home studio. In Standing Rock, he stewarded MASH, the solar-powered sub-arctic recording studio, during the blizzardous winter months.  In this time, he recorded many talented Indigenous artists, which sparked the idea to bring simple yet powerful DIY recording gear to Indigenous communities around the country.


Alethea Phillips (Photo / Video Journalist)

Alethea is an up-and-coming video journalist from the Omaha tribe of Nebraska.  She has traveled most of her life and is committed to telling the story where Indigenous and environmental issues converge.  She learned how to film end edit at MASH and will, in her uniquely passionate and persistent way, work with our team to find, record, and archive the songs and stories of her people.


Nick Kalbach (Producer)

Nick is a California-based filmmaker and grass roots media visionary. Nick’s work has taken him from the jungles of Central America to the plains of Africa in projects that have ranged from archiving indigenous history to capturing humanitarian injustice.  He is a founding member of MASH and led the project of building the studio’s infrastructure.


Raymond St. Martin (Digital & Media Strategist)

Raymond’s grandmother, Sophia Archuleta, came from the Okay Owingeh Pueblo and his first experience drumming was as an eight year old in the Native American Church. The water drum and the ancient songs created a rhythm in his soul that continues to this day. Raymond believes that there is healing in music, knowledge in stories, and prays that this project brings these to light in their truest forms. Also a co-founder of MASH, he brings a long career of humanitarian-centered digital media work to our team.